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Program 2017

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Program 2017

Our attractive program provides diversification during your exhibition visit.

Oldtimer Motorsägen IG

OldtimerIn the year 2004, some chainsaw collectors got together for a joint visit of the Hamburg based chainsaw company Dolmar. This resulted in an annual meeting where collectors from Germany as well as other European countries get togehter for an exchange of experience on historical chainsaws.

The community of interests is neither an association nor a club, there are neither contricutions nor statutes. The collectors of old chainsaws are joint by the fund and the interest in the old machines. Everyone can join and demonstrate their saws at the meeting. Meetings are usually arranged via the forum www.motorsaegen-portal.de. Information is also available on various homepages like: www.motorsägensammlung.de  or www.oldtimer-motorsägen.de

Axemen- Werner Brohammer

In the three daily 45-minutes shows, he shows his skills with the ax and tuned chainsaw.

Mr. Brohammer is not only 4 times German champion of the Stihl Timbersports Series but also Guiness World Record holder in the woodcutter triathlon. Since 1985, the  „Axemen“ has won far more than 100 traditional competitions, professional sports series and performance comparisons of wood sports clubs. As such, the sports woodcutter who has close ties to his home is not only traveling with axes and saws through the USA, Canada, New Zealand but also through Germany and its neighboring countries.